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CES: DTS, K.C. Chiefs and Cumulus Play Together

Football team uses DTS to broadcast in surround sound

The news from the CES show is often wide ranging. It can even include sports. While the football season winds down, fans of the Kansas City Chiefs were disappointed by the team’s failure to reach the playoffs. However they couldn’t complain about the team’s radio network broadcast performance.

The Chiefs Radio Network, working with Cumulus Media and DTS, broadcast home and away games processed with DTS’ Neural Surround technology to create a 5.1 surround sound experience.

For the radio operation, dedicated 5.1 feeds were mixed down at the stadium and processed into the DTS Neural matrix. DaySequerra provided the Neural technology hardware at the stadium and for the mobile trucks on the road. Listeners with DTS-enabled receivers were able to receive the signal and have it decoded for a 5.1 surround sound output.

Gary Kline, senior vice president of engineering and IT of Cumulus Media, was quoted by DTS saying the process enveloped listeners with the sounds of the action and stadium.

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