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CES: Seeking New Connections in Autos and Audio

Hot topics-to-be at International CES — streaming and personal audio, connected cars and more

Consumer Technology Association’s Gary Shapiro

Policymakers, sports stars, drones, streaming audio, IoT and more will converge in a massive interrelated, interconnected, technological mixat the 2016 International CES convention, which will spread itself across two convention centers and a half-dozen hotels in Las Vegas starting this Wednesday.

Last year’s show welcomed in a record-breaking 176,000 attendees, and CES executives expect the 2016 show to reach a similar number, due in part to a growing pool of technologies that fall under the consumer technology umbrella. This year the Consumer Technology Association has implemented stricter credential requirements to attempt to keep CES 2016 attendance near 2015 levels to ensure a high-quality experience for attendees, CEA said in a statement.

Named the nation’s largest annual show eight years running by the publication Trade Show Executive, CES has also been recognized as a show with the strongest global participation, which might explain the continued growth of the show, which has begun to reach into new areas of fitness, education and even physiology. Hey, are you looking for a calorie-counting fork? Here is where you’ll find it.

CES will host a series of keynotes this year from the likes of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke and General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra, the latter of which will touch on the synergy between cars and connectivity.

Policymakers will also be in abundance: Consumer Technology Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro will host Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez at a Wednesday SuperSession, “Insights With the FCC and FTC. All four FCC commissioners will be in attendance at a Wednesday afternoon FCC and FTC Commissioner Roundtable.

The technology that’s expected to make headlines this year includes gaming and virtual reality technologies, robotics, cyber and personal security, sports and technology, and urban transportation.

The show will also delve into new audio technologies, including streaming audio, connected cars, new dashboard audio products, personal audio devices, music and audio technologies, and Nielsen measurement issues.

Radio broadcasters should head to the automotive electronics arena in Tech East to review aftermarket brands that are addressing connectivity solutions and infotainment. Tech East is also home to a number of chipmakers that are set to show off new audio and video enhancement technologies.

Tech West will be home to the Internet of things, smart home and other high-growth technologies, where radio broadcasters can review new uses of FM transmission technologies, while Tech South will be home to advertising, marketing and digital content communities at CES; where broadcasters can review and compare different digital marketing opportunities.

“CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology, and broadcasters are certainly included in that category,” said Mike Bergman, senior director of technology and standards for the CTA. “Overall, CES is an event encompassing hardware, consumer focus and broad trends. Broadcasters should find plenty to explore at the show this year.”

While the CES show is primarily focused on the massive influx of technology-related entertainment products and services, this year’s show is also looking at technology that improves the lives of others. CES will introduce the new Accessibility Marketplace this year, a section of the show floor that highlights technology that provides the support needed for people with disabilities. This year’s show will also highlight technologies such as 3D printing, unmanned systems, smart homes and safe driving as part of the Tech Changing the World campaign, which will be located on the show floor.