CES Sees HD From JVC

CES Sees HD From JVC
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Victor Company of Japan, better known as JVC, is showcasing IBOC technology at the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas. JVC is displaying AM/FM HD Radio receivers for automotive use.
"JVC has been at the forefront of the introduction of many digital consumer electronics products, and we look forward to bringing radios into the digital world with Ibiquity's technology," said Thomas Carona, vice president merchandising manager, mobile electronics.
"Consumers are drawn to today's digital products, and HD Radio will be similarly well received."


HD Radio at CES and Products You'll See Later This Year

I go to the CES show in person and see the new digital receivers first-hand, before broadcasters see them at the April NAB. I thought I'd share some of my impressions as well as comments from radio engineers and transmission manufacturer reps I ran into in the exhibit halls at the big show, which recently wrapped up.