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CES: StreamS App Supports Pioneer App Radio

StreamS is first live streaming app available for Pioneer App Radio

The StreamS HiFi Radio iPhone App is now supporting the Pioneer App Radio.

The app is made by Greg Ogonowski’s company Modulation Index; it was demoed this week at the CES convention in two kiosks.

“StreamS HiFi Radio is the first iPhone App to get HE-AAC live streaming audio decoding correct, originally using the Fraunhofer codec before it was built into the iPhone iOS,” Ogonowski told Radio World. He said it features 5,000 live quality HE-AAC streams including most U.S. terrestrial streams.

“The app is all standards-based, so it is very easy for any content provider to get into the StreamS Directory from StreamIndex, using Orban Opticodec-PC, for example.” Ogonowski expects to issue a formal announcement later in the month.

Ogonowski Offers ‘StreamS Hi-Fi’