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CFA Test Aimed at Its Skeptics

CFA Test Aimed at Its Skeptics

Developers of the controversial Crossed Field Antenna plan to erect a 1 kW demo unit in the United Kingdom this fall to convince skeptics that it can deliver what it promises.
“It is our goal to demonstrate that without question, the CFA can be an efficient alternative to existing quarter- and half-wave mast antennas,” said Robert Richer of Crossed Field Antennas Ltd. in Connecticut. He said the company has most of the worldwide distribution rights to the CFA.
To be used in the United States, the CFA would have to meet transmission rules established by the FCC for AM radio. Richer said he hopes to be able to start offering the CFA to U.S. broadcasters within 12 months.
Eight CFAs are operational in Egypt, he said. RAI, the Italian state broadcasting company, recently completed the installation of a 10 kW CFA in San Remo, Italy; and two CFAs being assembled in Brazil, and should go online this fall.
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Paul J. McLane