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Changing Ad Trends Coming Up at Radio Show

Advertising analyst Gordon Borrell to discuss what businesses media and marketing choices and advertising strategies

The National Association of Broadcasters and Radio Advertising Bureau are planning an advertising Super Session for the upcoming Radio Show in Orlando, Fla.

The session, “Radical Change in Local Advertising & How Media is Morphing to Survive,” is slated for Thursday, Sept. 19. The show is Sept. 18–20.

Panelists at the session will address the media industry’s shift towards promotions, such as radio’s use of talent endorsements, live remotes and contests. Although total spending on advertising is 6% lower than it was 10 years ago, spending on promotions has ballooned 88%, according to Borrell Associates. The trend presents an opportunity for radio, according to experts.

Advertising analyst Gordon Borrell, chief executive officer and founder of Borrell Associates, will discuss the fundamental changes in how local businesses are spending marketing dollars and review the history of advertising trends. He will also present the results of a new survey conducted by his company in which thousands of small and medium-sized businesses were queried on their media and marketing choices and advertising strategies.

Borrell has appeared on TV and radio programs discussing trends and forecasts for local media. Prior to starting Borrell Associates, Borrell was vice president of new media at Landmark Communications. In 1989, he began pioneering interactive ventures and helped establish the first TV, newspaper, cable and network TV websites, according to NAB and RAB.