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Charlotte Media Localism Field Hearing This Week

Charlotte Media Localism Field Hearing This Week

The FCC expects to hold the first of several public hearings on broadcast localism Wednesday night (Oct. 22) beginning at 5:30 in Charlotte, N.C.
Radio executives slated to testify include Debbie Kwei, general manager of Radio One’s WCHH(FM) in Harrisburg, N.C.; Joan Siefert Rose, general manager of noncom WUNC(FM), Chapel Hill, N.C.; and Terri Avery, operations manager/program director of Infinity’s WBAV(FM), Gastonia, N.C.
Chairman Michael Powell will preside, along with fellow commissioners Kathleen Abernathy, Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps. Commissioner Kevin Martin had a previously scheduled speech that night.
There will be a live audiocast of the hearing on the FCC’s Web site at

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