Charlotte Media Localism Field Hearing This Week

Charlotte Media Localism Field Hearing This Week
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The FCC expects to hold the first of several public hearings on broadcast localism Wednesday night (Oct. 22) beginning at 5:30 in Charlotte, N.C.
Radio executives slated to testify include Debbie Kwei, general manager of Radio One's WCHH(FM) in Harrisburg, N.C.; Joan Siefert Rose, general manager of noncom WUNC(FM), Chapel Hill, N.C.; and Terri Avery, operations manager/program director of Infinity's WBAV(FM), Gastonia, N.C.
Chairman Michael Powell will preside, along with fellow commissioners Kathleen Abernathy, Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps. Commissioner Kevin Martin had a previously scheduled speech that night.
There will be a live audiocast of the hearing on the FCC's Web site at