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Chief Engineers Earned 3.3% More Last Year

Chief Engineers Earned 3.3% More Last Year

Radio chief engineers saw a little bit more in their paychecks last year – not much more, but still outpacing inflation. The average chief engineer working in commercial radio earned 3.3% more in 2001 than the year before, according to an annual survey conducted for the NAB.
The average radio chief in 2001 received $67,842 in total compensation, including salary, bonus and incentives, up from $65,643 in 2000. The average assistant engineer earned $46,880, an increase of 3.5%.
The Consumer Price Index for the year was 1.6%, as measured by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries varied widely by market size. The average chief in the top 10 markets enjoyed $92,674 in compensation; colleagues in the smallest markets typically earned less than $41,000.