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Chief Justice Cracks Door for Broadcast SCOTUS Coverage

Chief Justice Cracks Door for Broadcast SCOTUS Coverage

The Radio-TV News Directors Association is encouraged by a response from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts about allowing radio and TV coverage of the courts.
In a letter to RTNDA President Barbara Cochran, Roberts said he looks forward to working with the group “if the court explores the idea of opening its proceedings to electronic coverage.”
Judge Roberts also thanked Cochran for her comments about the court’s occasional release of audiotapes of oral arguments. Cochran wrote to Roberts in October offering to work with the court staff on electronic coverage.
Cochran said she’s also encouraged that, at the urging of C-SPAN, the chief justice agreed to release audio tapes immediately after the oral arguments in two upcoming cases, one on abortion rights and parental notification, and the other on military recruiting on college campuses.