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CHR Fans Are Social Creatures

They also have a strong tendency to be female

Jacobs Media has released the newest installment of its Techsurvey9. This segment focuses on fans of adult contemporary and contemporary hits radio formats.

In the study, more than 12,500 fans of AC, hot AC and CHR radio stations in the United States and Canada volunteered information about their media and digital habits.

“Each of these pop-based formats is female-centric, with CHR and hot AC fans having the most in common. Mainstream AC partisans are catching up technologically, but remain the heaviest radio listeners,” said Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs.

While CHR often led other format fans in Facebook engagement, top 40 format lovers are increasingly turning to other social platforms, especially Twitter. According to the study (which included many Canadian respondents for this format) CHR partisans are more likely to share content, interact with their favorite stations socially, but also crave same-day acknowledgment. A social media plan is critical for brands hoping to expand their audience reach.

Hot AC fans engage on a variety of new media platforms, including Pinterest, and they profile higher for subscribership to SiriusXM. For this group, Pandora is also cited as a reason for listening to less broadcast radio. These fans are also more likely to drive a “connected car,” and considerably more apt to be able to connect a mobile phone or MP3 player in the vehicles they drive. And their tablet and smartphone ownership continues to be among the highest of all formats included in Techsurvey9.

Turning on the television first thing in the morning is popular among AC fans. For these listeners, it’s all about Facebook. AC devotees profile as the heaviest broadcast radio users, but those listening to less radio point the finger at programming they don’t find desirable as well as commercial loads. Email is still a great way to connect with these fans, according to the survey.