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Christian Radio Fans Like to Share

Jacobs Media doles out more data from its recent survey of core radio listeners

Continuing its series about habits of core radio listeners, Jacobs Media this week turned its spotlight on listeners to Christian radio.

“A major takeaway from this year’s breakout is that Christian radio partisans continue to share and recommend at a record pace,” the company stated, though it also found that they listen to less broadcast radio than average.

The bullet points:

-Christian radio listeners are moving quickly to purchase smartphones and tablets.

-Nearly nine in 10 have a social networking profile. “More so than any other format group, they are most apt to ‘like’ their favorite station on Facebook.”

-More than a third of Christian radio fans with social media profiles are signed up on Twitter and/or Pinterest, which Jacobs calls “major engagement opportunities” for stations in the format.

-“While they listen to less broadcast radio than average, they spend more time with their favorite Christian radio outlet than fans of most formats. And they are far less likely to listen to Pandora or to subscribe to SiriusXM.”

-Asked about the main reasons they listen to broadcast radio, “favorite songs” is the main motivator, just a shade behind the leader format in this category, country. “But more so than any other group of format partisans, Christian radio devotees turn to radio to help them get in a better mood.”

– With the exception of alternative fans, Christian radio partisans lead all formats in weekly streaming.

Overall, the company took opinions from 78,000 listeners to 264 North American radio stations. It is producing a series of webinars about the findings.

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