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Christian Radio Listeners Have Money

Christian Radio Listeners Have Money

Christian radio listeners have lots of money and many reasons to spend it.
That’s the word from Simmons Market Research Bureau, which states that, “Christian radio stations are attracting an ever-increasing following of loyal listeners who tend to have larger families, while supporting incomes that leave lots of room for frills.”
Simmons said 34% of American households earn more than $75,000 per year, while 42% of Christian radio listeners report household incomes of at least that much.
“This number puts Christian radio right up there with classical and news/talk stations when it comes to reaching the upscale market. In fact, Christian radio families, while being larger than average, are 22% more likely to represent the highest income brackets in America.”
The company also said Christian radio households tend to be 25% larger than average American households, and Christian radio listeners are 14% more likely than average Americans to live in single-family residences and 13% more likely to own those homes.

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