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Christmas Music Works in Atlanta

Christmas Music Works in Atlanta

Navigauge, the company that says it can combine radio audience measurement with GPS navigation, says based on drivers it monitors in Atlanta, stations that switched to all-holiday music enjoyed an increased in-car audience of 10%.
The company said that, by the week following Thanksgiving, the three Atlanta FMs that had switched to continuous holiday music – WLTM, WSB and WFSH – saw their combined share of listening in Atlanta increase nearly three and a half times.
Similar to Arbitron’s PPM panel, in which participants carry the monitoring device with them, Navigauge has panelists who agree to have the device installed in their car for three years. The device monitors every audible signal in the market, according to the company.
Other findings from the report:
A combined 23% of Atlanta drivers tuned into these three stations at least once during the week after Thanksgiving;
One station demonstrated significant strength as the total number of people who tuned in to it at least once each day increased 65% over pre-Thanksgiving tuning;
While the daily cume, the total number of different listeners, for the other two stations remained flat, it appears that people who previously listened to only one of the stations are now listening to two or all three holiday music stations.

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