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Christmas Streams Draw Listeners

Christmas Streams Draw Listeners

MeasureCast reports that thousands of Web radio fans tuned in to stations streaming Christmas music during the week of Nov. 12-18. Cablemusic Network’s Christmas stations all drew significantly more listeners during the week than the previous week. Its “Christmas Classic” station drew 5,486 online listeners who listened to more than 19,000 hours of holiday tunes – up from 11,930 hours the week before. The company’s “Christmas Rock” station attracted 1,307 people who listened for a total of 1,738 hours – up from 1,198 hours the previous week. And its “Christmas Jazz” station had 134 people listen for 244 hours – up from 112 hours a week earlier.
But overall Internet radio listening dipped 10 percent during the Nov. 12-18 period, despite the availability of holiday music. This was MeasureCast’s first reported decline in Net radio listening in two months. MEDIAmazing regained the top spot, trading places with WQXR(FM). held steady in second place. The peak listening hour was 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, with nine percent of the day’s listening.