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CHUM Selects UB for Pay Radio Transmission Infrastructure

CHUM Selects UB for Pay Radio Transmission Infrastructure

CHUM Ltd., one of the companies trying to offer pay radio in Canada, has a deal with Unique Broadband Systems Inc. to supply transmission infrastructure to implement its proposed subscription radio service.
While some Canadian companies have partnered with XM and Sirius to propose satellite digital radio in that country, CHUM Subscription Radio Canada has proposed a terrestrially-delivered pay radio product with partner Astral Media.
CHUM anticipates the Canadian government could make a decision in the next few months. If licensed, CHUM plans a launch of its pay radio service in mid-2006.
EVP of Radio Paul Ski said combined with its deal with RadioScape for receiver design and manufacturing, this agreement places the company in a good position should the government approve its application.
UBS deployed XM Satellite Radio’s terrestrial repeater networks in 77 markets.
CHUM has proposed a terrestrial-based subscription radio service consisting of 50 to 100 channels. The media company has 33 radio stations, TV and specialty channels and a music distribution division.