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CircuitWerkes Debuts Audio, Phone Solutions

CircuitWerkes Debuts Audio, Phone Solutions

CircuitWerkes has expanded its product line with the Telco 6, a six-line phone ringer interface box with relay output ports that can be used to activate six different light or chime devices.
The company’s DR-10 system allows operators to call from the field and interact with station programming automation to get on the air or to override it. A loop-back feature allows the operator to hear the on-air audio, so calls can be made from outside the station listening area and the remote operator can be on the air with the push of a button. The Silencer option removes DTMF from the audio outputs of the DR-10.
The CircuitWerkes RR20 relay multiplier uses a simple D9 input and Centronics 50 connectors, affording eight control inputs and 20 relay outputs. According to the company, they are handling increasing amounts of custom work based on broadcasters’ specific requests.