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CircuitWerkes Ships Sicon-8

CircuitWerkes Ships Sicon-8

CircuitWerkes is shipping its Sicon-8 dial-up transmitter site controller. It provides eight channels of metering, status and control and is expandable to 32 channels.
While it ships with common English-language phrases pre-configured, the Sicon-8 uses voice-recordable technology that allows custom phrases to be recorded in any language. The system can communicate with X-10 modules, allowing equipment at remote locations in the transmitter building to be controlled with no direct wiring to the Sicon-8. It incorporates a real-time clock that can handle time-of-day/month/year automation functions, with support for more complicated macro programmability planned in a future firmware upgrade. An audio connection allows the Sicon-8 to work with a cellphone interface as well as with a landline.
At the spring NAB CircuitWerkes also showed an updated version of its MicTel amplified mic/line to telephone interface, which mimics the functionality of the now-discontinued Gentner Microtel, adding balanced mic/line inputs and outputs and extended battery life. Also new is the Transcon-16 bidirectional contact closure transporter.