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Citadel Signs Up with Listener Driven Radio

Moving from ‘broadcast’ to ‘crowdcast’

Citadel Media has announced a deal with Listener Driven Radio, a new media developer.

LDR’s platform is designed to use new media to interface a radio station with its listeners, notably through listener feedback to influence station programming.

LDR calls it “crowd-sourcing” and “crowdcasting.” Listeners can request songs, affect playlists and upload or vote for music through station web sites, smartphones and social networks.

Developers of Listener Driven Radio include McVay Media, Zapis Capital and MusicMaster/A-Ware Software.

McVay President Daniel Anstandig said this is an effort to cut down on the “long feedback loop” that radio stations traditionally have had in monitoring listener preferences. “Stations will begin to play music not ‘to’ their audience but ‘with’ their audience.”

Other LDR clients include Virgin Radio France, RFM France, The Joy-FM Radio Network and KTTB(FM) in Minneapolis.