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Citadel Switches Satellite Distribution Clients to XDS

Ends use of its Starguide satellite distribution platform

Citadel Media Satellite Services is ending program distribution on the Starguide III satellite platform as of June 30. The StarGuide III platform has been in service for over 10 years; SGIII receivers are failing at an accelerating rate and are no longer repairable, Citadel Media states on its website. Therefore, it is replacing the platform with satellite system receivers manufactured by X-Digital Systems.

In a note to stations shared with Radio World, Vice President of Engineering Bob Mack states: “If you currently use Starguide on the (Citadel Media carrier, AMC-8 Transponder 23) to receive any programming, be forewarned that you will no longer be able to receive that programming via Starguide as of June 30 at approximately 12 noon Eastern.”

Citadel Media has provided XDS receivers to some 4,000 affiliates airing syndicated programming it represents including ABC News Radio, ESPN programming and other Citadel Media shows. That programming was removed from StarGuide long ago and is not affected. Citadel says all of its Satellite Services clients are distributed on XDS, too.

Stations without an XDS receiver need to get one now to continue receiving programming from syndicators who lease time from Citadel Media Satellite Services. Any program that is on Starguide can also be found on XDS. If you have an XDS-Pro receiver, Citadel says you need to move those programs off of Starguide and onto XDS as soon as possible.

Citadel Media does not sell satellite receivers. The broadcaster refers non-Citadel affiliates to dealers Broadcasters General Store and SCMS to buy XDS PRO-1 or PRO-4 receivers.

— Leslie Stimson