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Citing Accountability, Katz Media, Interep Develop Central Invoice System

Citing Accountability, Katz Media, Interep Develop Central Invoice System

Hoping to make the purchase of radio time more convenient and accountable, Katz Media Group and Interep said they’ve developed a non-proprietary central invoice delivery system. is set for a June launch; it is aimed at allowing parties that buy and sell radio time to reduce processing costs and errors. The companies can upload radio invoices on behalf of their clients to a secure facility that will be accessed by registered agency personnel.
Both companies had been working on their own electronic invoicing system, but they said customers wanted a single system, according to Marc Guild, president of Interep’s marketing division.
“As agencies and advertisers ask for enhanced accountability from all media, the ability of radio to provide a single source for electronic invoicing is vital to the continued growth of our medium,” said Guild.
Stu Olds, CEO of Katz Media Group, said, “By joining forces, we’re demonstrating our commitment to an industry-wide focus on using technology to improve the efficiency of the medium.”
In March, Katz said, it delivered about 2,100 spot invoices and a similar number of
unwired affidavits electronically.