Classic Radio Studios Calendar Returns

2018 edition offers more broadcast studio pictures
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Radio World contributor John Schneider has let us know that he has crafted a new edition for next year of his amazing Classic Radio Studios calendar. It’s a can’t-miss item for anyone interested in radio history. Makes a great Christmas gift too!

Featuring 13 banner pictures, it has facility pictures from several radio network operations along with radio stations such from coast to coast. There’s even a 1967 look at a VOA studio in Washington.

Schneider enhanced and colorized each picture from mostly black and white originals. Some explanatory historical text is included.

Price: $21.95 (includes shipping).


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Freed's Legacy Lives in New Radio Studio

The newly redesigned Alan Freed Memorial Radio Studio was dedicated March 1 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. It coincides with a new exhibit on the life and career of the legendary rock and roll broadcaster.