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Classical Listeners Like to Spend $$$ Online

Classical Listeners Like to Spend $$$ Online

Hint to Web marketers: put classical music to work. We already know classical is popular online, thanks to various listening statistics. Now Scarborough Research says classical radio fans love to spend online, purchasing goods and services via the Net at a rate “well above average.”
They are 30% more likely to have made an Internet purchase in the past 12 months and they are 49% more likely to have spent $1,000 or more during the past year. “Classical listeners prefer to purchase items online that are consistent with their well-educated, upscale reputation,” the company said, including airline tickets, books and computer hardware. They are 47% more likely to have a DSL broadband connection at home.
Interesting geographical info: 6% of American adults listened to classical radio in the past week. In Washington, that number was 16%. West Palm Beach, Fla., Harrisburg, Pa. and Minneapolis were other cities with high classical listening.