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Clear Channel ‘Disturbed’ by Divestiture Scenario

Clear Channel 'Disturbed' by Divestiture Scenario

Clear Channel fired back at the Senate Commerce Committee for adding an amendment to a TV audience cap rollback. The tweak would require group owners to divest stations that no longer meet the ownership caps under the new market definitions.
“This is an attempt to single out one company for being successful and punish them for playing by the rules. All of these stations were legally acquired in accordance with the Telecommunications Act of 1996,” said lobbyist Andy Levin.
“We are deeply disturbed that the committee would attempt to force companies to divest assets simply because it decides to change the rules in the middle of the game. It is bad precedent and bad policy, and is precisely why the Fifth Amendment prohibits unlawful government takings.”
Clear Channel urged the full Senate to reject the measure. NAB opposes the radio provision as well.
The new media ownership rules passed by the FCC June 2 would protect existing clusters.

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