Clear Channel Buying Enigma Digital

Clear Channel Buying Enigma Digital
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Clear Channel is purchasing Enigma Digital and plans to incorporate the company into Clear Channel Internet Group, the division responsible for all interactive businesses at Clear Channel.
The acquisition would enable CCIG to leverage Enigma Digital's proprietary integrated media platform to extend Clear Channel's consumer brands onto the Internet. In addition, Clear Channel is acquiring KNAC.COM, GROOVERADIO.COM, and, Enigma Digital's Internet-only radio channels.
Bob Ezrin, chairman and CEO of Enigma Digital, has been named vice chairman of CCIG. Before Ezrin founded Enigma, he produced Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and worked with Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel and KISS.
Michael Abrams, president of Enigma Digital, has been named CCIG's president of operations. Both Ezrin and Abrams will report to Kevin Mayer, Chairman and CEO of CCIG.