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Clear Channel Chooses Symetrix AirTools Delays

Clear Channel Chooses Symetrix AirTools Delays

Clear Channel Radio has purchased a large quantity of Symetrix AirTools Broadcast Audio Delays for use in their radio stations nationwide. Symetrix manufacturers and distributes the devices, which help station personnel to edit objectionable content out
before it reaches the air. The move was prompted, in part, by new legislative measures aimed at cleaning up the nation’s airwaves, said both companies.
“I reviewed numerous offers and bids from both a pricing and technical capabilities standpoint. And after careful consideration and discussion with our regional VPs of engineering, opted to make a large group purchase of Symetrix AirTools delay units to meet our delay needs,” said Steve Davis, Clear Channel’s senior vice president of technical and capital management.
“We realize that Clear Channel had choices in this product category,” stated Jim Latimer, director of sales for Symetrix. “We are aware of how important this product is in the scheme of live radio programming. And we know they used other solutions in addition to ours, so we’re very grateful to Clear Channel for expressing so much trust in us.”
Broadcaster’s General Store, based in Ocala, Fla., handled the sale.
The two models purchased, 6000 and 6100, each offer up to 20 seconds of delay, with four operating modes, full-bandwidth stereo operation, and integration with station automation systems. The model 6100 also offers digital audio connectivity, RS-232 control, and ESE TC89 time code support.
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