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Clear Channel Cites Successes for Online Music & Radio

Clear Channel Cites Successes for Online Music & Radio

Clear Channel Radio said its online audience has grown 10% since January and said national brands are increasingly choosing its Web sites. It also gave some insight into how its online sales team is structuring its pitches.
Among national brands it says are advertising are Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Ford, Geico, McDonald’s, Travelocity and others. It said the food & beverage and automotive categories are strongest.
Online executive Evan Harrison said, “The interest from national brands is happening more quickly than we had anticipated.”
The division tries to bring terrestrial radio listeners online to the Web sites of Clear Channel’s radio stations.
As an example of a notable ad buy, Clear Channel cited Time Warner Cable’s presence in a Midwest market:
“Online, it has an exclusive banner ad on the stripped, Sneak Peek, NEW!, In Concert and Cluster Stream video/audio players, across the entire cluster of Clear Channel Radio station Web sites,” the broadcaster stated.
“In addition, the company has a 15-second gateway ad before the actual content, with up to 100% exposure. In the streaming broadcast, the company has a minimum of six 15- or 30-second spots per day. And on-air within the company’s AM/FM broadcasts, Time Warner Cable gets one promotional announcement per hour, for a total of 24 per day. Also included: 10 recorded and 10 live promos per week when new artists appear on stripped and Sneak Peek. Finally, the ads are archived with the on-demand content for its full, indefinite shelf life,” Clear Channel stated.