Clear Channel L.A. Was Top-Earning Cluster in 2005

Clear Channel L.A. Was Top-Earning Cluster in 2005
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Clear Channel and CBS rule the cluster roost. But Cox in Atlanta also must be doing something right.
While Clear Channel’s L.A. stations constitute the top-billing local radio cluster in the country, according to BIA Financial Network, Cox sticks out as the only owner to make its top 10 cluster list and not be named Clear Channel or CBS.
Further, Cox collected its revenue not in New York or L.A. but in Atlanta, the 10th largest market.
BIAfn said the Clear Channel cluster in L.A. took in $285.8 million in 2005. Clear Channel held four of the top 10 slots; CBS Radio has five, and Cox Radio the one.
The full list: Clear Channel Los Angeles; CBS Radio Los Angeles; CBS in New York; Clear Channel in New York; CBS in Chicago; CBS in Boston; Clear Channel in Houston; Cox in Atlanta; CBS in Philadelphia; and Clear Channel in Chicago. Number 10 on the cluster list brought in $105.6 million.