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Clear Channel Launches AuDiO

Radio ad targeting tool for political advertising will be available for 2014 campaign cycle

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment has launched the Audience Delivery Optimizer (AuDiO), a proprietary radio-targeting tool developed specifically for political advertisers.

The company says that this radio optimization tool will enable local and national political campaigns across the country to target key voter segments using radio. AuDiO will be available for the 2014 campaign cycle.

Clear Channel says that AuDiO matches information about 245 million Americans who listen to Clear Channel’s 840 U.S. terrestrial radio stations to leading political databases to make useful predictions about which desired voter segment is listening to which stations at select times.

Using the 10 political groupings from the Experian Simmons classifications, AuDiO ascertains how many target voters radio reaches in any political district around the country. Moreover, the company says, AuDiO can identify the media preferences of any target segment, giving advertisers key information about which media are best to reach which voters.

Clear Channel says with AuDiO it is now able to match broadcast listener data to multiple third-party data sources to identify which listeners fall into any given political district and, within that district’s listening audience, which segments are present and in what numbers.

A Clear Channel study using data from Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District, AuDiO revealed that a key swing voter segment there, representing 11 percent of all voters in that district, spend more time listening to radio than they do with any other medium. The same research showed Clear Channel stations reach 95 percent of these voters.

AuDiO takes the guesswork out of radio buying through actionable and precise models so that campaigns know which of their desired target audiences are listening, when and to whom, according to Nathan Daschle, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s executive vice president for political strategy. “This means that campaigns, political parties and other groups across America have the ability to use radio in a much smarter way to reach their target voters.”

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