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Clear Channel Nixes Weekly Sales Pacing

Clear Channel Nixes Weekly Sales Pacing

When you hear your station sales person muttering about weekly pacings, you might not have known what he or she was talking about. If you work at Clear Channel, though, now you probably don’t need to worry about it.
Clear Channel Radio says it will no longer supply weekly sales-pacing data for its stations to accounting firm Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co. The broadcast group will continue to provide data for the firm’s monthly actual sales reports.
Why? Because weekly pacings “are no longer a meaningful or accurate measure of the performance and long-term value of radio advertising,” said Radio CEO John Hogan.
He said Miller Kaplan’s weekly data “does not help us run our business, creates volatility in the financial markets by inviting exaggerated interpretations of normal sales cycles, and puts the radio industry at a competitive disadvantage to other media sectors who focus on advertisers and investors on longer-term value.”
Clear Channel said radio is the only media sector that reports weekly sales data, and that the weekly report covered only 32 of Clear Channel’s 250 markets. The broadcaster also noted that it uses its own inventory yield-management system called TradeWinds to provide stations with inventory and pricing data.