Clear Channel Outfits Multi-Station Facility

Clear Channel Outfits Multi-Station Facility
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Clear Channel is opening a new facility in Sarasota, Fla., that will consolidate, house and upgrade six stations equipped with gear from Harris Corp.'s Broadcast Communications Division. The stations are currently housed in two other plants.
Harris Corp. will supply five AirWave Digital on-air radio consoles, QuickLine furniture for nine studios and a custom-built counter for the talk studio. AirWave Digital consoles have the same functions as AirWave analog console, including "hot-swappable" modules, but can also accept analog and digital sources through configuration cards. QuickLine furniture features a modular design with finished interiors and pressure-laminated exteriors.
The stations to be housed at the new facility are: WAMR(AM), WCTQ(FM), WDDV(FM), WSPB(AM), WSRQ(FM) and WSRZ(FM).


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