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Clear Channel Replies to MusicFirst’s Complaint

‘Of course we rejected the ads’

RW reported last week on musicFirst’s comments about the rejection of a radio spot by Clear Channel.

Clear Channel’s reply comes from Andy Levin, executive vice president and chief legal officer.

“Of course we rejected the ads,” he stated in a reply via e-mail to RW.

“We wouldn’t take ads from Sirius XM either. Why would we air ads designed to put us out of business?”

Levin continued:

“This is not about the ads, it’s a publicity stunt designed to malign our business and the character or our employees. If musicFirst is concerned about getting its message out, there is an abundance of other media outlets that would jump at the chance to take their money, especially in this economy.”

The musicFirst statement last week, he said, “is just another desperate attempt to breathe life into a failing legislative effort that is clearly against the public interest.”

A Senate panel will take up this issue on Tuesday.