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Clear Channel, Stern Call Truce on Lawsuits

Clear Channel, Stern Call Truce on Lawsuits

Clear Channel and Howard Stern have agreed to withdraw their dueling lawsuits.
After Clear Channel dropped Stern’s show from six stations – having been fined nearly $500,000 by the FCC for indecency for Stern’s programming – Stern and Infinity had sued for $10 million, claiming breach of contract.
Clear Channel countersued for $3 million, seeking indemnification of the $495,000 fine that Clear Channel paid as part of a $1.75 million settlement with the FCC, as well as damages for lost ad revenue from the show’s cancellation and attorney fees.
Both sides now have withdrawn their lawsuits and dropped their claims for damages.
“We are pleased to resolve this contractual dispute with Howard Stern without further legal expense and delay,” said Andrew Levin, Clear Channel’s executive VP and chief legal officer. “Today, Clear Channel stations are entertaining listeners without being indecent, and we intend to keep it that way,”
He noted that Clear Channel remains concerned about growing disparity in federal government regulations concerning media content as it is delivered over competing platforms.
“Congress and the FCC should be troubled that the current law unwittingly creates a safe haven for indecent programming on other media platforms, including satellite radio,” said Levin. “Unfortunately these outlets are fast becoming the wild west for sexually explicit programming. The law needs to catch up to technology, or our children will be the ultimate victims.”