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Clear Channel to Cut Spot Load, Clutter

Clear Channel to Cut Spot Load, Clutter

Clear Channel is doing something about low spot rates, high inventory and on-air clutter. It’s going to limit its spot load and promotional announcements beginning in January, 2005 and it’s calling on other radio groups to do the same.
“Clutter is a major issue in our industry and our decision to limit the amount of commercial time and length of breaks, while reducing promotional interruptions, will benefit listeners, advertisers and the industry as a whole,” states Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan.
Clear Channel Radio is placing what it says is a “significantly” lower ceiling on the amount of commercial minutes played per hour across its radio group, as well as limits on the length of commercials in a spot break. In addition to reducing commercial capacity, Clear Channel Radio will also reduce and limit the amount of promotional interruption on all of its radio stations.
The ceilings apply to every Clear Channel station and will vary by format and day part.
The company believes the new policy will improve the listening product for consumers while providing advertisers more effective opportunities and value for their advertising dollar.
“Despite radio’s great underlying listener trends, and the fragmentation in other media, radio is still discounted relative to other media,” Hogan states. “We’re taking this step to close that gap and make radio more competitive, compelling, effective and valuable. And we actively encourage the rest of the industry to do the same.”