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Clear Channel to Target Underwriting for KUSC in ‘Precedent-Setting’ Deal

Clear Channel to Target Underwriting for KUSC in ‘Precedent-Setting’ Deal

Should commercial broadcasters be involved in raising money for public radio stations? It’s about to happen in California.
Clear Channel Radio and KUSC(FM) have worked together to support music education to students in Southern California schools. Now, the broadcast group says it will use its sales staff to help raise underwriting for KUSC.
The organizations called the deal a “precedent-setting” alliance.
Clear Channel Radio Senior Vice President for the West Coast Charlie Rahilly and University of Southern California Radio President Brenda Barnes stated that the relationship applies the skills Clear Channel has developed in marketing radio air-time to public broadcasting.
Rahilly stated: “KUSC is the leading classical music radio station in the country. Its content and quality are recognized throughout the radio industry, both commercial and public. We are pleased to help the station and the university extend underwriting opportunities to a greater number of parties using our strong client network.”
Clear Channel will contract with KUSC to market underwriting opportunities. Programming, underwriting decisions and length of sponsor announcements remain the responsibility of KUSC, which said it will continue to limit local underwriting to no more than 90 seconds in any hour.
Barnes, who serves as general manager of KUSC, says the move helps to free up staff time to focus more directly on content, engage in greater community service and continue outreach programs, such as supporting music education in the schools.
According to KUSC, listener support will continue to be the major source of funding. Currently, that support accounts for 75% of KUSC’s operating budget. Clear Channel will assist with the other 25%.