Clear Channel: We Stream The Most Hours

Clear Channel: We Stream The Most Hours
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Clear Channel: We Stream The Most Hours

Clear Channel Radio Interactive says it is consistently streaming more hours of online programming than any other radio group in the world. During the week ended March 10, the second full week that Clear Channel's streaming data was analyzed by MeasureCast, Clear Channel streamed more than 1-million hours of programming.
According to the MeasureCast, Clear Channel's 198 stations streamed a total of 1,031,402 hours of content during the week. The next most listened to network logged in with 624,781 hours of total time spent listening.


Clear Channel Radio, for $4.95/Month

Web Watcher hears and reads the same shots you do from those in and out of the radio industry about Clear Channel Communications. One of the most prevalent is that its consolidation of the industry stifles ingenuity at the station level.