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Clearwire Launches Mobile Internet Service in Houston

Says this is the 'largest 4G citywide network by square miles in U.S.'

Clearwire Communications said its mobile Internet service called Clear now is serving the Houston area, covering 1,900 square miles and more than 4 million people.

The promise of the service is a big-pipe Internet experience to users who are “on the go” and not just tied to their desk or home computer. The WiMax-based technology is aimed at overcoming short ranges associated with Wi-Fi hotspots. The company has been rolling it out in certain markets, and says cities scheduled to launch in 2010 include New York, Boston, Washington, Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis and San Francisco. Here’s a map showing live markets.

Mobile and residential plans can be purchased by day or month; mobile Internet plans start at $40 per month, though the company also is offering early-adopter and combo service specials. Visitors and occasional users can buy a “day pass” for $10 to use with their WiMax-enabled devices.

“True road warriors will benefit from the speed and reach of the Clear 4G+ dual-mode 4G/3G service,” it also states. “Clear 4G+ offers customers access to the entire Clearwire 4G network and 3G mobile Internet service outside the Clear service area.” That goes for $55/month.

The majority holder of the company is Sprint Nextel.