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Clearwire Offers Some 4G Service in N.Y., L.A.

It is running a 'targeted pre-launch promotion'

Clearwire hopes the launch of its commercial 4G mobile Internet service in New York and Los Angeles in coming months will draw attention.

A company spokeswoman says Clearwire has started “operational readiness activities” in those cities. “During this construction phase, dual-mode 3G/4G service is now available to consumers in select areas within New York City and Los Angeles,” VP of Corporate Communications Susan Johnston wrote in an announcement sent to journalists and analysts.

“This targeted pre-launch promotion provides early adopters with broad 3G coverage and limited 4G coverage while final work on Clearwire’s 4G network is completed. Clear 4G+ (dual mode 3G/4G) service is available for $55 per month, with a special pre-launch rate of $35 per month for the first two months, as part of a two-year agreement. 4G-only mobile services are not yet being offered as part of this pre-launch promotion.”

She said interested parties can check eligibility for their address with the “Check Coverage” tool on its website. “Customers in these two markets will also have access to Clearwire’s 4G service in 52 other markets along with national 3G service.”

She added that during construction phase, owners of Clear 4G devices “may also experience 4G coverage while traveling to other cities that Clearwire plans to launch commercially later this year, including San Francisco; Tampa, Miami, and Orlando, Fla.; Nashville, Denver, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.”