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Clip Radio Comes to Town

Portland is the first market to get clipped

Clip Interactive is releasing Clip Radio, a mobile app that it says, “lets a listener see and interact with what they hear on the radio.”

Clip Interactive Vice President of Marketing Listeners Sara Sisenwein explained, “Listeners can now get what they want directly from local radio and interact with it immediately … By making the music, contests, local business information —and just about anything you hear on the radio interactive, we believe we are carving out radio’s place in the digital world.”

The company has targeted Portland, Ore., as the first city where it is attempting to integrate Clip Radio into the radio broadcast scene. Stations sign up as partners.

For advertisers, Clip Radio insists that it can provide better ad tracking and more accurate listener numbers. It says, “Digital media has always offered more measurable opportunities than radio, until now. Clip Radio, with an abundance of data and real-time results, converts broadcast advertising into a measurable and cost-effective media vehicle.”

For music labels gives music labels it says the Clip Radio app can “increase listener engagement, sell tickets, solicit fan opinions, drive interaction with artists via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media networks, and so much more.”

The free app is available for iPhone or Android devices.