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Clock for EAS Tweaks Starts July 30

Rules published in Federal Register

Stations will have until the end of July 2016 to make sure their EAS gear complies with updated FCC rules.

The latest rule reforms were prompted by the 2011 national test; we told you earlier about these changes (and will have a more detailed story in an upcoming issue of Radio World). But until now we didn’t know the exact timeline for stations to make sure their gear is in compliance. Now the rules have been published in the Federal Register.

EAS observers have told Radio World that the impact on stations should not be great — for most, it will be a matter of changing settings or downloading a software update. But users can expect more specific information soon from their individual equipment manufacturers serving this space.

Taking note of the publication in the Federal Register, law firm Fletcher Heald & Hildreth adds that certain sections of the rule changes involving information collections will need approval from the Office of Management and Budget, and therefore aren’t yet official. We haven’t heard details yet about the planned new electronic forms and reporting system that stations will be required to use to send the FCC results of future national tests.

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