Cluster Sale Changes Afoot?

Cluster Sale Changes Afoot?
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The latest trial balloon to float out of the FCC regarding what might be in the media ownership rules to be voted on next week concerns radio clusters and how they might be sold. Specifically, FCC Chairman Michael Powel is hoping to get a provision passed that would require owners to sell a cluster to women or minority groups, so says The Wall Street Journal.
The proposal was thought to affect mostly small markets, sources told the paper.
The commission wouldn't force current owners to spin off their stations, states sources the paper states were briefed by the agency, but when those owners might put their clusters on the block in the future, they'd need to sell to women or minority groups, or break up the cluster, which would garner less money. The idea is patterned after a bill introduced by Commerce Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., which tries to revive the concept of the former Minority Tax Certificate program, which gave tax breaks to companies that sold broadcast properties to minorities.
Democrat and newest FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein supports Republican Powell's concept while fellow GOP Commissioner Kevin Martin favors no restrictions on sales, according to the WSJ.


Cluster Demos Satellite Use for Remotes

Last year the Clear Channel Radio cluster in Pueblo, Colo., with the help of the satellite division in Denver, was able to do live remotes successfully from a major Southern Colorado event directly into its studios.