Cognitive Radio Draws Attention

Cognitive Radio Draws Attention
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NAB's Radio TechCheck newsletter shines a spotlight this week on "cognitive radio" and supplier Adapt4.
The company has received FCC certification on what it calls the world's first commercial cognitive radio. XG1 radios, it says, can be used to establish a two-way data communications network spanning a radius of over 50 miles. The radio operates in the 217-220 MHz band, governed by rules on private land mobile radio services as a secondary user. The unit employs an interesting technology to detect and avoid other users.
More on the company's product and how it works is at the supplier's Web site.


'Podjacking' Draws Increased Attention

You may recall that way back in the June 8, 2005 issue of RW, this column first used the term "podjacking" to refer to reports coming in about car radio interference from the low-power ("FCC Part 15") FM transmitters used to feed portable devices into car audio systems via their FM tuners. Since then, tests commissioned by NAB, and subsequent independent tests conducted by NPR Labs, have confirmed and quantified the problem.