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Coleman Offers PPM Advice to Programmers

Research/marketing firm gives a top ten of “do’s” for new program directors operating in PPM-measured markets

Media research and marketing firm Coleman Insights has released a list of tips for radio program directors.

Called “Top Ten Things to Do as a New PD in a PPM Market,” the list (PDF) is based on a presentation given by Jon Coleman, the company’s chairman and CEO, at the Arbitron Client Conference in December.

The pointers aim to help programmers adjust to the PPM audience measurement service — one of the most popular topics of discussion when PDs get together these days.

The following is a summary of the “Top Ten”:

  1. Make the station’s strategy priority one. Establish your brand first; think about PPM second.
  2. Perform regular brand and content audits.
  3. Rate station content by brand (how much does this fit into your “image?”) and execution (how entertaining is your station at this moment?).
  4. Know your competition, determine their advantages and adjust.
  5. Don’t be afraid to play emotional content.
  6. Understand the PPM rating system, including its flaws.
  7. Understand panel dynamics.
  8. Learn to manage cyclical ratings; weeklies and monthlies have fluctuations.
  9. Understand causation versus correlation. Shifts in ratings aren’t necessarily because of specific programming changes.
  10. Experiment with your rotations, maybe you can benefit from a tighter/looser schedule.