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College Radio Day Is Friday

Participating stations will show how “When All Else Fails, College Radio Speaks”

The 2018 edition of College Radio Day is scheduled for this Friday, Oct. 5, and according to a press release from the College Radio Foundation, more than 470 college stations will participate in the eighth annual event.

This year’s theme is “When All Else Fails, College Radio Speaks” emphasizing the medium’s unique role as a voice for students. Participating stations will raise awareness through special programming and events

“On college radio, will you hear music and programming you just can’t find anywhere else, and it’s the place where the future broadcast journalists of tomorrow start their careers,” Rob Quicke, CRD founder and professor of communication at William Paterson University in New Jersey, said in a press release.

Last month, a group representing College Radio Day went to D.C. to visit FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and officials from the US Copyright Office.

College Radio Day President and UTA Radio Faculty Advisor Lance Liguez said, “Our students have learned in class about working within the rules set by the FCC and Copyright Office, so what better way to drive home those points than by meeting face-to-face with those who actually set policy.”

Pai also presented them with a letter of recognition stating: “College radio has long been a staple of the campus experience, providing a platform for students to have their voices heard and the opportunity to shape their identities. … From promoting new, local-underground music to encouraging political awareness, college radio has united listeners across the country and throughout the world.”

Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna are the official ambassadors of this year’s event.

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