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Collusion Among Two Would-be Auction Bidders?

Collusion Among Two Would-be Auction Bidders?

The FCC said it found an apparent violation of anti-collusion rules relating to FM Auction 62 for Aurora Communications and Lotus Communications. The applicants said they did not have agreements regarding bid amounts or strategies and did not violate the anti-collusion rules.
The agency’s curiosity was sparked because Lynden Williams was identified as Aurora’s vice president and 50% stockholder as well as senior vice president of Lotus.
Aurora selected all 171 FM permits being offered; Lotus selected four of the same permits, stated the FCC.
Neither Aurora nor Lotus made an upfront payment in the current auction and the FCC said both companies were found to be unqualified to take part in the bidding.
Meanwhile, gross bids in the auction, as of Round 44 and 11 bidding days, were more than $70.7 million, with net bids at slightly more than $54.8 million.