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Comment Deadline Extended on In-Flight Cell Phone Use

Comment Deadline Extended on In-Flight Cell Phone Use

While the debate over whether or how cell phones can be used in planes won’t be settled by the time we fly out to the upcoming NAB convention, it is an issue being debated now at the FCC and the Federal Aviation Administration.
The FCC is extending the deadline for the public to file comments on cell phone use in airplanes. Right now, that use is prohibited when the plane is airborne, but the commission is determining whether or how the devices could safely be used in-flight.
The original deadline was April 11; it has been extended until May 26.
We’re not likely to see a decision for a couple of years as both the FCC and the FAA must approve cell phone use on planes. The FAA is awaiting results of a study, due in December 2006, on whether the phones interfere with navigational equipment, according to the Washington Post.