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Comments Due June 15 on FM Translator Cap Petitions

Several translator applicants filed petitions for reconsideration of caps

Those who wish to file public comments opposing petitions for reconsideration that challenge the FCC’s proposed caps on pending FM translator applications must do so by June 15.

Reply comments on those oppositions are due June 25.

The agency has adopted a national cap of 50 applications and a market-based cap of one application per entity per market for pending Auction 83 translator applications to ensure there’s enough spectrum for both FM translators and low-power FMs in spectrum-limited markets.

Conner Media, Hope Christian Church of Marlton, N.J., Educational Media Foundation, Western North Carolina Public Radio and Kyle Magrill have opposed all or portions of the commission’s caps. They say the caps are arbitrary, hurt broadcasters trying to cover a large area with a translator and the commission should clarify some things before the agency slates thousands of applications for dismissal.

Federal Register publication triggered the comment dates to Docket 99-25.