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Comments Due Oct. 10 for Next FM Auction

Tell the FCC what you think bidding procedures should be in auction of 117 CPs

The next auction of FM construction permits is set to begin March 26.

Now, the commission is asking for comments on bidding procedures for the auction of 117 new FM allotments.

Twenty-six of those CPs were offered previously but either went unsold or the winners defaulted on their bids, according to the FCC.

Each bidder must evaluate technical and marketplace factors that may have a bearing on the value of the CP. Bidders are also responsible for making sure that if they win a CP, they can build a station and operate the facility according to FCC rules.

Federal Register publication has triggered due dates to file comments on issues like the auction structure, the number of bidding rounds and under what circumstances it would stop the auction.

Comments are due by Oct. 10 and replies by Oct. 24 to AU Docket 12-239.