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Commission IDs Tentative Selections for 12 MX’d NCE Application Groups

Smile FM is named for three Michigan communities.

The FCC is now making tentative decisions about some of the larger groups vying for the same new or modified NCE FM station CPs.

These applicants filed last fall in the NCE window.

The agency reviewed the applications and has released “tentative selectees” for 12 groups.

Among the tentative selections: California State University Foundation for a station in Perris, Calif.; CSN International for Eustis, Fla.; Georgia College and State University for Milledgeville, Ga.; Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of America for Story City, Iowa; and Morgan Brook Christian Radio Inc. for Baptist Village, Mass.

Also: Delta Blues Foundation for Clarksdale, Miss.; Free103Point9Inc. for Acra, N.Y.; Clyde Educational Broadcasting Foundation in Coshocton, Ohio; and Eastern Kentucky University for n Pineville, Ky.

And Christian noncom operator Smile FM Inc. won three tentative CPs for the Michigan communities of Mount Forest, Grosse Point Shores and China Township.

The parties had an opportunity to settle among themselves and are now subject to a comparative process based on certain criteria, such as providing the first or second NCE service to an area. Petitions to Deny applications for any of those selected are due within 30 days.

In March, the FCC identified 263 groups, containing four or fewer mutually exclusive NCE applications; it identified an additional 148 groups, containing 13 or fewer mutually exclusive applications in June.