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Commissioners Agree, Disagree on Indecency; Copps Singles Out Radio

Commissioners Agree, Disagree on Indecency; Copps Singles Out Radio

The FCC commissioners agreed on some points and disagreed on others concerning the TV indecency fines.
“These decisions, taken both individually and as a whole, demonstrate the commission’s continued commitment to enforcing the law prohibiting the airing of obscene, indecent and profane material,” stated Chairman Kevin Martin.
He singled out the CBS argument as running “counter to commission precedent and common sense.”
Commissioner Michael Copps said the decisions can help to develop guidance to broadcasters and “establish precedents,” but blamed media consolidation for the rise in indecency, and especially, TV violence, complaints – factors the agency should consider as it seeks to review ownership limits.
Though radio was not among the decisions released Wednesday, he singled out the medium: “One recent study showed that the four largest radio station groups which controlled just under half the radio audience were responsible for a whopping 96 percent of the indecency fines levied by the FCC from 2000 to 2003.”
Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said it wasn’t fair to hold only the CBS O&O’s that ran the Super Bowl halftime show responsible for the Jackson incident.

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