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Community Stations Note Day Against Racial Discrimination

Community Stations Note Day Against Racial Discrimination

March 21 is the 44th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in which anti-apartheid demonstrators were killed in a town in South Africa. It’s also the day on which a broadcast by community stations is being promoted by the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, known by its French acronym AMARC. This is the seventh year of the project.
AMARC said stations on five continents will take part in a 24-hour broadcast co-production on the UN International Day Against Racial Discrimination.
It will be hosted regionally at CINQ(FM), Montreal; KCSB(FM) Santa Barbara, Calif.; Radio Tierra in Santiago de Chile, Chile; AMISNET in Rome; the AMARC Africa Simbani News Agency in Johannesburg; and AMARC Asia-Pacific in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Radio voix sans frontières – “Voices Without Frontiers” – will feature programs in various languages. It can be heard on the Internet and on various local community stations.